Sunday, May 19, 2013

Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts all work in the Windows 8

1. Windows key (on its own)  Hitting the Windows key on its own brings up the Metro desktop. However, if you then start typing Windows will begin searching finding apps, files and settings.

2. Windows-I: Settings

3. Windows-D: Desktop
If you’re not using Metro apps and want a more familiar Windows interface, Windows-D opens up the desktop.

4. Windows-Tab: Switch apps
The familiar Alt-Tab keyboard shortcut still cycles through open applications in the centre of the screen.

5. Windows-H: Share charm

6. Windows-Q: Search charm

7. Windows-Z: App bar

8. Windows-C: Charms
Search for information, change settings, or send something to a connected device such as a printer or drive.

9. Windows-PrtSc: Screen capture.

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